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About Plenti Card

Plenti was created by American Express in 2015 as a rewards program. It enabled users to get points from one retailer and use it with other retailers who are enrolled in the program.

People could earn rewards through a variety of purchases this company was not fixed for a single company or credit card issuer. Any user could join free of cost and need not be an American Express holder.

Plenti points could be earned through shopping if they shop through Plenti cards they would earn rewards. Plenti mainly functions in the United States of America

Prerequisites of Plenti card:

  • You should be a Plenti card holder
  • A computer or a smartphone
  • A good internet connection
  • Personal identification
  • Plenti card activation link
  • Your username and password
  • Plenti card activation number

Below down are the methods be perfectly followed for the activation of your Plenti card

Methods of activation

  1. Online:
  • you have to go to the official site of Plenti card activation at
  • Now enter 16 digit Plenti card number which is printed on the backside of the card
  • Enter the four-digit PIN printed on the card now press the continue button to complete the process of activation of the Plenti card
  • You have to provide your personal information for the completion of this activation.
  • Congrats I guess the process is complete of Plenti card activation
  • You will soon get a notification about your card is activated in a short time.
  • This activation should be smooth enough but still, if you face any problems then there are other ways to activate it, they are

Activation through a phone number

  • you will have to dial the customer care number of Plenti that is 1-855 -753-6 841
  • Now carefully listen to the instructions given by the voice recorder and activate the Plenti card carefully
  • Go step by step and follow the instructions
  • You will have to give your personal information, your Plenti card details, for the completion of the process
  • Once the process is complete you will receive a notification in a very short while about your activation

Activation through ATM

  • This is another way to activate your Plenti card, go to the nearby ATM with your Plenti card
  • Swipe your card in the machine
  • You will find many options choose from those options card activation
  • Enter your 16 digit card number and four digits and follow the instructions for activation
  • Provide the required information carefully, do not make any mistake
  • Your card will be activated in a short while

Tips for activation:

This activation process is safe and quick .there are various methods that one can use to activate the Plenti card. Either he can go through online banking or net banking. The other option is he can do a phone call on 1-855 -753- 6841 and activate the card. The third method is through ATM and to follow the instruction.

Benefits of Plenti

The card can help you get more points out of the Amex membership rewards program. There is a Loyalty program in different stores .once you sign up you get a set of cards that you can keep in your wallet.

You earn 20 points when you do any shopping with Plenti Partners. You need not be an American Express member to avail this program. Plenti card has made earning points easier.

Plenti program gives a lot of offers and Plenti points on various purchases without any limitation. You can use it in the gas station at Exxon and Mobil branded stations to earn rewards per gallon.

Even in the grocery store, the Plenti card members can link their cards to loyalty programs to avail the benefits of grocery shopping. When the payment is done at the checkout counter in the store shopping, scanning it instantly gets Plenti points.


Hopefully, all these methods will help you to successfully activate the Plenti card. If you are still having difficulties then you can also visit the website

Once the Plenti card is activated you can take all the benefits of using a Plenti card.


  • Do I need to be an American Express Cardmember to avail of plenty of points?

Answer:- No, even if you are not an American Express member you can still use this program and earn a lot of points.

  • Do I get any when I use the plenty card for grocery purchases? 

Answer:-Yes, whenever you do grocery shopping then the plenty members can link their cards for participating in the supermarket loyalty programs, you can do a zip code search to find the stores which are eligible in your area. You have to register your grocery store card to activate to earn Plenti points.

  • Which are the Plenti partners where I can on my points?

Answer:-The plenty partner includes

Rite aid





National, Enterprise, and Alamo car rental

National wide insurance

  • Can I use the Plenti points to get a reward at the gas station?

Answer:- Yes, the Plenti points can be used in the gas stations. the Plenti members earn 1 point per gallon at Exxon and Mobil branded stations they also get two points per $1 on nonfuel purchases. You can avail of these benefits of a Plenti card.

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