Toys R Us Credit Card – What Will Happen to Your Credit Card?

Toys R Us Credit Card – Toys R Us shops were the only places where the Toysrus credit card could be used, hence it was mostly utilised for toy purchases. And the finest aspect of credit cards is the perks that only benefit those who use them often. In this way, cardholders may use their points to spend at Toys R Us or Babies R Us and get cash back, with 125 points being worth up to $5.

In addition, cardholders received special offers and discounts, and they could save up to 10% on their in-store purchases. Toys R Us sponsored a slew of promotions in an effort to stay competitive and entice new customers. In addition to the unique birthday presents they presented to their customers, they also allowed their customers to save their points and redeem them later.

Toys R Us Credit Card

The business also accepted American Express, Mastercard, and Visa in addition to the two store-branded cards. In addition to the “R” Us Credit Card, Synchrony Bank provides two other kinds of Toys R Us cards: the “R” Us Gift Card and the “R” Us Rewards Card. Lastly, there are the ubiquitous R Us Master Cards.

Toysrus credit cards may be registered online

Through their official website,, you may enrol in the toysrus Credit card, which is issued by MasterCard.

Once they’ve logged onto the website, cardholders may discover the “I want to register link” by scrolling down once they’ve logged in. In order to use this online registration procedure, the credit card holder will need to input their account number and zip code in the supplied sections. Your user ID and password will be generated using the information you provide.

To access your new account, return to the login page and enter your new user ID and password, following the instructions above to a successful conclusion.

Activation of a Toys R Us credit card

To finish the process, go to the Toys R Us login page, choose “Activate My Card,” then click “Register and Activate My Card.”. This is followed by an account number and a personal picture selection, followed by clicking “validate card” to complete the process. 

Toysrus credit card account login information

Your Toys R Us credit card account may be accessed at any time using your unique user ID and password.  For those who wish to use their Toys R Us credit cards to make purchases, the link is https://mastercard.syfcom/login.

Input their username and password by clicking on the link.

Your Toyrus credit card bill payment instructions

Cardholders may pay their Toysrus credit card bills in three ways: through mail, phone, or internet platforms.

You may pay your Toysrus credit card bill by phone by dialling the listed telephone number and following the offered instructions. Paying your bill has never been easier. Call 1855-389-2359 if you wish to pay your bills using a MasterCard credit card, or 1855-389-2365 if you want to pay Toys R Us.
Automated speech options are available at the following phone numbers, rather than customer service representatives.

Make an online payment on your Toysrus credit card bill.

You must first connect into your Toysrus credit card account using your user ID and Password, and then choose the Toysrus credit card payment option from your credit card online dashboard to make a payment.

Password reset instructions for the Toys ‘R Us store credit card

If you’ve forgotten your Toysrus credit card password, don’t worry, since the procedure of regaining access is simple.

Please go to the “lost my password” page on the toysrus credit card website, type in your account username and postal address, and choose “continue.”  In order to access your account, establish a new password and verify that it is accurate before continuing.

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