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www.Anz.com/travelcard – ANZ Travel Card is a widely used Visa card, issued by the renowned bank Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited. They offer various types of credit, debit, and MasterCard to their customers.

ANZ Travel Card is one of them. It is a reloadable VISA card that comes with many advantages. The card is basically designed for globetrotters or those who travel a lot for business reasons throughout the globe.

www.Anz.com/travelcard – Rewards

ANZ Travel Card comes with many benefits like it supports multiple foreign currencies along with various features such as lots of Points, huge cashback, extra discounts, and other exciting rewards on every purchase using this card.

If you recently received an ANZ Travel Visa Card or even thinking about a new card, then you first need to know more about its details unless you will not be able to use your card properly.

So, to make it easier for you we have made this article. Here we have discussed all details about the ANZ Travel Card, its key advantages, activation methods, requirements, guidelines and other useful information in the very easiest way possible.

Therefore, without wasting time, let’s begin.

www.Anz.com/travelcard  – ANZ Travel Card Activation Procedures

Activating ANZ Travelcards is very simple and straightforward. You can do it either online or through offline procedures via phone call. Here we made a detailed discussion about both procedures in very easy steps for your convenience.

Choose any of the methods and activate your brand new ANZ Travel Card securely.

ANZ Travel Card Activate Online

To activate your ANZ Travel Card, it is necessary to have an online banking account in the ANZ Internet banking portal beforehand and always keep the card near you during your Card activation online.

  • First, go to the ANZ Internet banking page at https://login.anz.com/internetbanking.
  • Now sign in to your account with your ANZ Internet banking Username and Password.
  • Now go to the Settings menu and select Activate an ANZ Card option.
  • Enter your 15/16 digit ANZ Travel Card number as printed on your card.
  • Now provide your personal information like name, address, contact number and email address.
  • Read the agreement and tick on the box for your acceptance of their terms of service.
  • Finally click on the Activate button to complete the procedure.
  • Soon you’ll receive a confirmation message on your device.

ANZ Travel Card Offline ActivCation through Phone Call

If you facing any kind of difficulties in activating your ANZ Travel Card online then you easily switch over your card activation process to offline. All you just need is a registered mobile number and the physical version of the ANZ Travel Card to initiate the activation procedures.

Here is the way,

  • First, take your Smartphone and dial the following card activation number at 1800 063 260 or if you’re abroad then dial this number +61 3 8699 6996.
  • When the call is connected, listen to the automated IVRS instructions and choose the card activation option.
  • Now enter your valid details like card number, SSN number, card expiry date etc.
  • Then hear the ANZ Travel card agreement guidelines and accept them all.
  • Finally submit your activation request.
  • You will soon get a confirmation message regarding your successful card activation.
  • Now your ANZ Travel Card is ready for a transaction.

ANZ Travel Card Terms and Conditions

There are few mandatory guidelines for the ANZ Travel Card Activation and card usage. We’ve mentioned it below.

Please go through them carefully,

  • ANZ Travel Card is available only for the legal citizens of Australia.
  • Those who are non-Australian permanent residents must have a business or working visa of at least 9 months are eligible to apply for the ANZ Travel Card.
  • Applicants should be minimum18 years of age or above are eligible for this card.
  • If you’re currently holding an ANZ Travel Card or held in the past 12 years are not eligible to apply for a new ANZ Travel Card.
  • You need to confirm your employment status.
  • You should have a fixed source of income for getting a new ANZ Travel Card.

www.Anz.com/travelcard – ANZ Travel Card Advantages

ANZ Travel Card has a number of key features and benefits. In this section, we’re mentioning some of them.

They are at a glance,

  • Now with your ANZ Travel Card you can make cashless transactions anytime anywhere.
  • You have not to pay any transaction fees for your online or offline purchases.
  • You’ll earn cashback, rewards and discounts on every successful transaction you make using this card.
  • For overseas payments, you don’t have to pay any extra charges.
  • You can earn up to 40,000 bonus reward points during the first three months of card usage on spending $1,000 or more.
  • You will earn 1.5 points per $1 spent using your ANZ Travel Card.
  • Your card is compatible with all types of payment methods including Samsung Pay, Google Pay, Apple Pay, FitBit and Garmin payment technology.
  • Additionally you will enjoy complimentary benefits like 24/7 customer care assistance, International travel insurance, purchase insurance, fraud protection and 100% secure transaction with your card.

www.Anz.com/travelcard – ANZ Travel Card Prerequisites

Here is the list of required things that you should need to activate your ANZ Travel Card. Keep them beforehand to avoid any kind of technical glitches.

They are as follow,

  • To activate your ANZ Travel Card you first need a device like Smartphone, Laptop or desktop computer to access the online card activation portal.
  • Your device should be connected with a strong internet connection.
  • Physical ANZ Travel Card.
  • Valid personal details.
  • ANZ Travel Card genuine link or phone number.
Official Name ANZ Travel Card Activation
Rewards Cashbacks, Points, Discounts
Purpose Card Verification
Language English
Eligible Citizen Australia
Genuine Activation Link https://login.anz.com/internetbanking
Genuine Activation Mobile Number 1800 652 033 or +61 3 8699 6996 [International]

About ANZ Travel Card

ANZ Travel Visa Cards are widely issued by Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited, also known as ANZ. The bank was founded in 1951 with its headquarter in Melbourne, Australia. They offer various types of financial solutions like Insurance investment banking, corporate and private banking, mortgages service etc. ANZ also issues large types of credit and debit cards for customers with a wide range of benefits.

It is the largest bank in Australia and played a major role in the Australian economy. ANZ currently operates numerous branches in various parts of the world. In 2019, they reported its annual revenue of about A$18.76 billion, which is a great achievement for this financial institution.

Final Words

This is the way in which your ANZ Travel Card works.

Hope you like this article. We’ve tried here to make an in-depth analysis of the ANZ Travel Card in this article. If you still have any doubts or any questions, please tell us in the comment section below this article.

We will try to answer them as shortly as possible.

FAQ – www.Anz.com/travelcard

Those who are non-Australian permanent residents must have at least a business or working visa of at least 9 months are eligible to apply for the ANZ Travel Card.

  • If I’m a non-Australian permanent citizen then will I be able to apply for an ANZ Travel Visa Card?

Ans: Yes, you are also equally eligible for this card. But kindly note, you must have a business or working visa with at least 9 months of validity to apply for the ANZ Travel Card.

  • What are the methods available to activate my ANZ Travel Card?

Ans: There are two methods available to activate your ANZ Travel Card.

They are – 1. Online, 2. Offline – via Voice call.

  • What should I need to activate my ANZ Travel Card online?

Ans: You should need an ANZ Internet banking username and password along with your ANZ Travel Card to activate it online.

  • What are benefits will I enjoy using my ANZ Travel Card?

Ans: There are lots of benefits that come with your ANZ Travel Card.

Like on your every online and offline purchase now you can enjoy huge cashback, offers, and exciting discounts paying through this card.

To know more about its key benefits, please refer to the ‘ANZ Travel Card Advantages’ section of this article.

Contact ANZ Banking Group

24/7 Customer Help Desk: 1800 269 2269 or +65 6269 2269 (International)

Card blocking: 1800 094 003 or +65 6269 2269 (International)

Official Website: www.anz.com.au

For any Queries: www.anz.com.au/support/contact-us/

Email: travelcard@anz.com

Reach them Via Mail

Locked Bag 35006,

Collins Street,

West VIC – 8007

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