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www.Rapidfs.com – Pay cards are a nice option for both employees and employers, a Paycard can be used by an employee without an actual bank account and can help them lead their life more hassle-free.

While if you are an employer, you can give a payment card to your unbankable employee and be used for paying their wages on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. As the Pay cards work based on available funds in the card account it also limits the cardholder’s overspending habits. Today, we are going to talk about the Rapid Paycard. Let’s start.

www.Rapidfs.com – Get Reward

Apply Rapid Paycard

You can’t directly apply for the Rapid pay card from their website as the payment card issuing rights depend on the employer in most cases. So, if you want a Rapid Paycard first you need to visit your employer or the Payroll department of your company.

If your company issues Rapid Paycard then you will receive a rapid! Paycard direct deposit form. However, for opening a card account you will be asked to provide your personal and financial details.

These details include your name, address, phone number, driver’s license, and other documents per the USA Patriot Act. The Rapid Paycard is issued by MetaBank and runs on both VISA and Mastercard networks.

Activate Rapid Paycard

Once you receive the Rapid pay card, you will need to activate it before using it for any transaction either online or offline. So, for activating the Rapid Paycard you can call the customer support of Rapid Paycard which is 1 877 380 0980, and follow the instructions to activate your card.

At first, you will receive an instant issue rapid pay card without your name printed on it but you can also request to upgrade it while activating your card. After Upgradation, you will receive a personalized rapid pay card with your name printed on it.

You will receive your personalized Rapid Paycard within 7-10 business days. Your instant issue card will remain fully usable before activating the personalized Rapid Paycard.

For activating the Rapid Paycard by phone follow these steps:

  • Call on the official customer care number of Rapid Paycard i.e 1 877 380 0980.
  • Keep your identity information handy such as name and driver’s license.
  • Provide the information when asked by the customer service executive.
  • Your Rapid Paycard will be activated.

Other than this, you can also activate your card from the official application of a Rapid pay card. The Rapid Paycard app is available on the play store and app store.

Places to use your Rapid Paycard

You can access your Rapid Paycard at any of the following locations without incurring an additional cost on yourself.

  • At all the MoneyPass and Allpoint ATMs for withdrawal.
  • You can also use your rapid pay card for POS store purchases.
  • The Rapid Paycard can also be used for Request A Check and U.S. Post Office Money Order.
  • You can also transfer the funds to a bank account with the help of Rapid Paycard electronically.
  • You can check your account balance and other account-related information by using the ChekToday convenience checks by calling on the toll-free customer service executive number at 877 380 0980.
  • You can also avail of the cash withdrawal feature with Rapid Paycard Mastercard at banks where Mastercard is accepted. (You will find a Mastercard Acceptance logo displayed in the banks.)

Rapid Pay card account access online

You can access your Rapid Paycard online either by visiting the official website of Rapid Paycard at www.rapidfs.com or by calling on the toll-free customer support number. You can access the following services at the website:

  • You can view your card account balance and activity at the website www.Rapidfs.com.
  • You can also check your monthly statement and card account history.
  • Through the website, you can also update your PIN and can also change other information.
  • Can electronically transfer funds to another bank account.
  • You can also sign up for a savings account, opt-in for SMS alerts, and other card features.
  • By logging into your card account, you can read and gather more information on the types of transactions and get helpful insights and tips on them.
  • You can also request a direct deposit form and can deposit funds into your account.

You can also avail of all these features by calling on the toll-free number 1 877 380 0980 and follow the instruction of an automated voice system or can get in touch with a customer service executive.

Features of Rapid Paycard

With a rapid pay card, you get a number of features and as the card runs on the Mastercard network you will get the additional benefits of Mastercard such as Identity theft protection and Zero Liability Protection.

  • Text alerts: You can set up your Rapid Paycard account for the SMS alerts for checking your card balance at no additional cost. For receiving the SMS alerts you have to enroll at the website and choose the type of alert. In addition to this, you can get the info about your recent balance by texting “BAL” at 90831.
  • Savings Account: You can also take advantage of your card account as a savings account at no additional cost. You can save a lot with this interest-bearing account on your purchases and can schedule auto transfers to other accounts. You can enroll for all these features by accessing your card account.
  • Cash backs: You can also receive Cash backs and rewards on the purchases with Rapid Paycard. Earning rewards with Rapid Paycard is very easy and doesn’t require any promotion or coupon code. You can get information on offers available on your card by logging into the rapids website.
  • Bill Pay: The Rapid Paycard can also be used for paying the bills online or offline anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

You can use your Rapid pay card either as a debit or credit card as long as funds are available in your account. If you are using your payment card as a debit card at a retailer you will need to enter your PIN but if you use the card as a credit card you have to accept the amount and sign your name after swiping the card.

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