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www.santander.com – Santander Card is an effective card if you wish to make online payments securely. With the help of this card, you will also be able to go cashless and make purchases at different stores using your Santander Card.

www.santander.com – Get Cashback – Santander Consumer Bank

Withdrawing money from ATM can also be done with the help of this card and you are likely to earn good discounts as well as cashback offers if you make payment using Santander Card. Apart from all this, this card will allow you to set up digital wallets too.

However, before you start enjoying any of the above-mentioned perks, you will have to get your Santander Card activated.

The procedure leading to card activation is pretty simple and all the steps have been mentioned below. You choose the method you are most comfortable with to activate your card.

Online Activation

The most effective and efficient way of getting your Santander Card activated is by making use of the online mode of activation.

The pre-requisite to go about with this procedure is to have an internet connection along with a device to use for browsing through and reaching the official website. You can then start following the steps that have been mentioned below.

  • 1.The most obvious and basic step is to go to the official website of Santander to activate your card.
  • 2.You will then reach a new page where you need to enter the number of your card. This will be mentioned on your card itself.
  • 3.You can now start entering your personal details like your name, date of birth, etc. along with some card details. This is a really important step so make sure you enter all the information properly.
  • 4.Once you are done giving all the information, your activation procedure will be completed.
  • 5.Your Santander Card will be activated shortly and you will also get a notification about the same.

Activation through ATM

This might be a little cumbersome for some, but if you are more comfortable following this method, you can follow all the steps that have been given in this article.

  • 1.Go to the Santander ATM nearest to your place. Carry your Santander Card with you in order to go about with the activation procedure.
  • 2.You now have to swipe your card in the ATM slot.
  • 3.A number of instructions will appear on the screen of the ATM. You have to follow then and choose the option saying “Activate Card”.
  • 4.As soon as you successfully set the PIN, enter this PIN properly.
  • 5.If you are successful in following the instructions, your Santander Card will be activated in a short time. You will receive a message regarding the activation progress.

Activation via Phone

If you are someone who finds the offline mode of activation better, you can make use of this procedure to activate your Santander Card. You can also activate your card through your phone if you are facing some issues with the other two options. Just follow the steps that have been mentioned below properly.

  • 1.Call on 1866-795-7605 from your registered mobile number. This will help you reach the customer care service.
  • 2.An auto prompt voice will give a set of instructions. Listen to them carefully and choose the option for card activation.
  • 3.As soon as you reach the customer care representative, you can ask the person on the other side of the call, you can ask him/her to help you with the card activation.
  • 4.You can give your personal details and card details to this person. This is necessary for verification purposes.
  • 5.Once you are done giving all the information, your Santander Card will be activated shortly.

Application Procedure Of  Activating www.santander.com

The application process for Santander Card is pretty easy, you will have to follow all the steps listed ahead carefully if you wish to apply for this card.

  • 1.Visit the official website and start navigating the menu. You now have to click on the option “Card Management”.
  • 2.You will now see an option for requesting a new card. You will find this option under “Card Services”.
  • 3.You can now go on to select the primary account or secondary account then click on “Continue”.
  • 4.Once you are done confirming the card details, you can click “Confirm”.
  • 5.Another way of applying for a Santander Card is by calling on the customer care number and taking the help of the representative.
  • 6.You can also apply for the card by visiting the bank branch nearest to you.
  • 7.You will receive your Santander Card within a few business days.

Thus, from application to activation, all the procedures for Santander Card are very simple. All you have to be careful about is following the steps properly. Once you have read everything, you can start with activating your card and use it in the best way possible.

Also, make sure that you don’t end up sharing your card details with anyone. You have to be careful about monitory frauds and keep your money safe.

www.Santander.com FAQs

Q1) What ways do I have to activate my Santander Card?

Answer) You have three different options in which you can activate your Santander Card. You can call the customer care service to activate your card, choose the online method of activation, or else visit the bank branch nearest to you and get your card activated.

Q2) Do I need to activate my Santander Card?

Answer) Yes, it is very important for you to activate your Santander Card. You just won’t be able to able to use this card without activating it first. So, make sure that you start the activation process as soon as you receive your card.

Q3) What to do if I face any problem while card activation?

Answer) If you are facing any sort of problem during card activation, you should feel free to call the customer care service and take their assistance. Someone will be glad to help you in whichever way possible.

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